Trip Down South – 3 of 3

the last part of our trip we spent at daytona beach for our official “vacation” time. we were able to find a good deal on a condo that was located right on the beach… such a fun place! 

swingset 12

we really had a blast. soaking in all that sun and the “deep water” as little M called it.

as for little M, he particularly enjoyed….

– digging giant water holes in the sand {with the help of mommy & daddy}

– chasing seagulls & pigeons

– and trying to steal other kids fun looking toys {to which we responded by buying him his own little  fishing net}. :/ not really one of our proud parenting moments, but sometimes {especially when in public and not wanting to disrupt others}, it’s better to surrender. 

swingset 14


here’s a video clip of little M enjoying his water pond and chasing after a pigeon ~


            mommy & little m ~ 

Mommy and M

        soaking up the sun in his little water pond on the beach ~ 

swingset 185

        daddy & little M ~  

Daddy and M

     after a long, fun day at the pool and the beach… {nap time success?  I think so. }

M Sleeping

uncle pete was able to stop in for a full day or so… and the big boys were able to surf some waves together.

Pete and Chris


oh! i almost forgot to mention the memorable experience we had — courtesy of pete and his shrimp catching adventures!  we {chris, pete and myself} deheaded about 2000 shrimp!! it was probably the most disgusting job i’ve ever done… and after a while, i tried to not even think about what I was actually doing. ugh. 

i hope pete gets to enjoy those shrimp for a loooong time!

swingset 194


a pic i captured on an early morning run along the shore line…


we had a pretty great time on the beach…i think little M would say so at least. we’re not really beach people, but maybe we’ll make it back someday.  

M at the beach

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