Trip down South – Part 1

we just got back from a 10 day trip down to atlanta and florida. the plane ride there was tolerable, especially since they had an extra seat for little M, which was super nice to not have to hold him for a 2.5 hour flight.

while in atlanta, chris attended the orange conference (put on by the guys who created our children’s min curriculum that we use at faith) while little M and i explored the town. for the most part, we had a great time… except… oh, did i mention he decided not to take a single nap while we were there!! { i don’t count 20 min car naps as the real thing}.

a little recap of what we did and where we went:  at the park…  IMG 0313 And the zoo… Atlanta zoo

and the grocery store { i think he had the most fun here!!}…


At the grocery store

but the last day, was probably the most fun as we stumbled upon a huge water
fountain and a little park called “taylor” park. 
swingset 28

swingset 175it took the little guy some time to warm up, but as you can see, before the end, he was having a jovial good time!  swingset 181

nothing like a few trips down the slide to air-dry those swim shorts. =)

Taylor park 2

we had a good time eating chocolate for dinner one night too…
{and no, that’s not all we ate for dinner}.

Chocolate face

and, of course, at then end of our fun day out,  we {both} looked forward to
some reading time with daddy…





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