Trip down South – Part 2 of 3

the next half our trip after leaving atlanta was spent with my brother in orlando for a few days. after this stop, we’ll head to the beach for a few days of relaxation.

we loved spending some time with Peter and seeing where he lives and having him show us around the town. 

and, of course, we couldn’t skip out on experiencing the whole disney world thing while we were down there too…

  swingset 187

waiting in line for their first ride {i don’t think little M had a clue about what’s going on}.

swingset 190

 on the magic carpet ride, waving as they go by ~ 

swingset 193

it ended up being so hot during the day that we could only handle doing a few rides, and
so came back later that evening for the fireworks show.  

swingset 17

little M absolutely loved the fireworks, but beyond that, he could’ve cared less for all the disney rides and characters. {that’s probably a good thing} =)

IMG 0358


swingset 18


swingset 19

and because daddy really wanted little M to experience the
dumbo ride {like he did as a kid}… we went on that too.

swingset 20

 thanks uncle pete for such a fun time!!

swingset 177


swingset 178


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