I love garage saling!!!

this was the first time i was able to go to the post-wide garage sales out at ft. riley. thankfully, my good friend em was also planning on going, as i reassured her that i wouldn’t have the wits to go unless she went too.

in fact, for those of you who don’t know it… miss emily could probably write her own book on how to successfully garage sale! she has given me some great tips and might i add, encouraged me to be a bit more bold in my bartering! 

check out my great finds for the weekend!


 all for a whoppin’ 33 bucks!!   

M in the stroller

yep! That’s right!! a tricycle, an rei baby pack carrier, a jeep umbrella stroller and some great clothes — most being name brands too (old navy, children’s place, gap). 

oh, and a couple pairs of boots (each for 50 cents).

New bike

i just can’t justify paying full price or even a good sale price when I can

find all this at a few good garage sales.

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