The Big Ruler

several months ago, i had come up with the idea that i wanted toGrowth Chart
find a cute growth chart to hang on the wall in little M’s room. i
had found a few i liked on etsy, but wasn’t completely won over.
i liked the fact that the chart was printed onto canvas… easy for
transport, etc. but, I wasn’t sure about it being gender specific…

i wanted something that I could chart M’s growth and any other
future children to be added to the barker crew — you know, to
compare the different heights and ages and all that fun stuff.
{ just like my mama did with us 10 kids when i was growing up}.

so, i started looking at rulers, really big rulers. and then, of course,
i decided to look on pinterest. and wouldn’t you know it… there
are a ton of growth chart postings!! i kept telling myself that I didn’t
want to make one, but alas, i gave in.

i found one that was perfect and i owe it to the gal from this blog
for her ingenious idea and creativity! (if you’re interested in
making a go at it yourself, she’s given a great tutorial with
detailed instructions.)

you can’t go wrong…or, well, okay… i’ll admit, when i first
started drawing the lines for the ruler it looked terrible and i
thought i was doomed because i was using a permanent paint
pen. but did you know that toothpaste (the plain white kind)
works great for getting permanent marker out of wood??


so, it took me a couple months, but… in honor of my son’s golden
birthday, i finished it! {it’s not really his golden birthday, or any birthday
at all, but he did turn 21 months old on the 21st of may so, i say that’s
close enough.} after all, you’re only 21 months old one time in your life. 😉

and here’s my sweet baby. sniff, sniff… he’s getting sooo tall way too fast.

thankfully he’s slowed down in growth in the last year compared to his first year of life… i felt like i was having to change out the clothes in his drawers every 2 weeks!!

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