Estes Park

we had such a good time over 4 very short days with our dear friends… some who are still living in manhattan and some who have started new chapters of life in different places. it was so fun to reconnect while enjoying some fresh mountain air.

the first night was just us and the weddle family… so the boys had some time to seriously converse over the important things in life.


earlier that afternoon, we went on a little hike up to bible point near the ymca conference center in estes park.

DSC 8666


DSC 8676

snack and picture time at the top of the trail…

hmmm… possibly scheming their next plan of action??

DSC 8700


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and after we finished the hike, my sweet little man decided he needed to take a seat on the fence and catch a few breathers while watching the horses.

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later that afternoon, we were super excited that the mathews family arrived…

and so we decided to go on another hike!

DSC 8765


DSC 8775

and take a few family group pics…

the Weddle crew ~ 

DSC 8793

the Mathews crew ~

DSC 8797

and the Barker crew ~

DSC 8751

the next morning, we went on another hike up to bear lake with the whole crew. {can you tell that we love to hike?}

on the way down the mountain, little M just couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer.

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for the weekend, the rest of our group finally arrived… we loved seeing the sagens and jared!

on our last full day in estes park, a group of us decided that it would be great fun to wake up at 1:30 in the morning and hike up longs peak. it was such an experience, that it deserves a separate post here.

and, then on sunday, after enjoying some breakfast together, we parted ways. it went by so fast, but we loved every minute of it! hoping we’ll make this an annual occurrence!

DSC 8865


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