On to Breckenridge

after our time with friends in estes, we got back in the car and drove
a couple hours through the rockies to the town of breckenridge
which is where we will call home for the next month.

our amazing church body {whom we miss dearly} was so gracious to
grant chris a 3 month sabbatical from children’s ministry stuff.  and so, in
our planning, we thought it might be good to actually leave town for bit
in order to have some time to rest and be together as a family.

we’ve only been here a few days and i think we’re finally starting to settle in.
it’s been a bit more challenging than i had anticipated though.  There is still all
the daily responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, laundry and chasing my toddler
around… and figuring out how to do all that in a new place with my husband
home 24/7 { definitely a new personal record for him, I think} and not a single
familiar face around for hundreds of miles. It truly makes me appreciate
the community we have around us back home.

Actually, if I was being really honest… The hard part has only just begun as
and I reflect and discuss aspects of our marriage, friendship and parenting.
Ugh, sometimes it’s just not fun.  And it takes a lot of emotional energy to not
only identify areas that need to change, but then put that talk into action and live
out that change. I thank the Lord that He has given us His Spirit so that we
can actually live out these changes.  We would be an utterly hopeless mess
without Him and His grace.

On a lighter note… ever since we took little M up the gondola which is
still a free ride here in Breck {not so much in Vail}, he has been asking
us each day “ride it… up da gndula?”

DSC 8868


DSC 8875

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