Check it off!

during our month long stent here in Colorado, we thought it would be fun to come up with a list of things we would like to do/ accomplish while here.  it’s certainly not an extensive list, and at the same time, we may not get to everything on the list.  

mainly, since i imparticular seem to be losing more and more brain cells each day, thought it would be good to actually write down these ideas/ things to do, so that we don’t forget when we’re trying to figure out what we want to do on any given day. :-)

Screen Shot 2012 07 20 at 1 23 32 PM


and so, we’ve checked a few things off the list already… 

i’ll admit, chocolate is one of my weaknesses in life, so it’s not surprising that a visit to the chocolate shop is one of the first things we did on the list.  it was actually little M’s first time, so it was super fun to watch his animated facial expressions. 

DSC 8877

of course, the best part of going to a chocolate shop, is the part where you get to actually eat the chocolate! 

DSC 8892


DSC 8885

and if chocolate wasn’t enough sugar… we stopped at a little cupcake/ ice cream shop {though it was not on our check list}, where daddy decided to try one of their flavors of ice cream.  little M thought it would be a good idea to taste test the ice cream too. 

IMG 0491

he was like a little bird… it was so cute! 

IMG 0492


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2 Responses to Check it off!

  1. becs says:

    good. grief. that whole post was so incredibly precious, aems!!!
    i am a little jealous that you’ve already crossed the chocolate shop off your list, though i’d say you redeemed yourself when you included me in your hike to mohawk lakes trail! assuming that happens. if not i’ll opt for checking out empire burger…or crashing your nice date 😉 see you 3 soon!

    • Amy says:

      oh… don’t you worry my sweet becs. i would not complain one bit if we made another trip to the chocolate shop. :-) and of course, we will definitely plan on at least a couple hiking treks while you’re here. we can’t wait!!

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