McCullough Gulch hike

this morning, we decided to head out early and hike up mcCullough gulch trail. it’s only about 2.8 miles round trip so it was the perfect mini hike to take both little M and our dog {abbey} with us.

IMG 0501

it was a bit of an uphill elevation gain, but nothing like what we did a week ago… hiking up longs peak. actually, for me, the hardest part of the trail was hiking while trying to keep a hold of abbey’s leash. not very fun.  but, regardless, the views were great.

DSC 8934


IMG 0505


at the top of the trail, was a clear, shallow lake…

DSC 8927

and no sooner than abbey could spot the water, did it take everything i had to keep her from pulling me in to the water too.  she was in dog heaven.

DSC 8916

the other challenge was keeping little M from jumping in too…

DSC 8910

little M danced with glee as we would throw a stick in the water for abbey to fetch.
check out the little video clip…


and before we left to head down the mountain, chris was able to snap the perfect pic of little M nestled in the grass along the bank of the lake.  so precious.

DSC 8917




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2 Responses to McCullough Gulch hike

  1. Sarah says:

    I love this pictures. It’s so great to see you guys all doing what you love together. M is just darling. He looks like such a doll. Just great to see him having a blast too. And thanks for telling us where you were in cyberspace. I just saw your change on the old blog so I’ve adjusted my blog roll – I’ll be following you here. :)

    • Amy says:

      Yes… I was a bit behind in the cyberspace world. Oh well. That’s just life sometimes, right?! Glad you enjoyed the pics. We’ll def have to get our 2 boys together some time soon. John looks like he has lots of your creativity!!

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