Little Nik

i’ve been thinking and praying much lately for my sweet sis {laura} and her little family. they leave for memphis this upcoming sunday with their 3rd child, Nick… who is just a week older than little M. 

{little Nick on the left and little M on the right  ~ 3 weeks and 2 weeks old}

IMG 0143

since Nick was born they have been battling a host of medical issues that have surfaced over the past almost 2 years. you can read more about their journey with Nik here.  back in march, after giving birth to their 4th child (carsen), laura & joe discovered that Nik had stage 5 cancer. more specifically, bilateral wilms tumors {for us non-medical people – cancerous tumors on both kidneys}.  

obviously this was extremely difficult news to hear, yet laura & joe have been taking it in stride, trusting God with each day and in each difficult decision they’ve had to make. they are such wonderful parents and i have loved watching laura, in particular, as she has cared for Nick with such tenderness and sacrificed so much to ensure that he experiences as much love, happiness and joy as possible. 

he has been such a fighter throughout 2 rounds of chemo, surgeries, CT scans, several trips to the ER and stays in the hospital due to complications from having no immune system. 

Image 1

despite all his health issues, i have never known a happier little boy, almost always smiling… and when he’s not, it’s probably because he’s sleeping.  so much that he has had to endure over his past almost 2 years of life. 

{picture taken this last February before he started chemo treatments} 

Img 0007

they are now headed to st. judes as Nick is no longer responding positively to the chemo treatments {and his little body can’t take much more} he’s been receiving at children’s mercy in kansas city.  in addition, children’s mercy does not have the necessary experience or history in dealing with cases like Nick’s {with the bilateral wilms tumors}.  the doctors at st. judes, however, deal with cases like his on a regular basis.  

so, a week from tomorrow {friday}, Nick will undergo the most difficult and risky surgery he has yet to experience in his little life. they will attempt to remove the tumors on both kidneys. 

i know they would be so blessed by your prayers for them during this difficult time of anticipating and waiting.  please pray… 

– for Nick, for good health leading up to the surgery and good rest

– for the surgeons, that they would have success in removing the tumors without any serious complications

– for laura & joe and the rest of the family {big sis brianna, big brother ben and little brother carsen}… that God would give them His peace and His assurance, that they would experience His love and care for them in a deep way. 

– for laura and auntie/ nurse maya as they will be traveling and staying with Nick in memphis up until he is admitted for surgery next friday.  pray for good rest {carsen will also be with them and he has been a very colicky baby so far},  and for some good times of relaxation and enjoyment with Nick. 

IMG 0977

IMG 1037

Image 1

also, if you are interested — wristbands have been created in an effort to raise support and awareness for Nick, and the funds raised will make it possible to for Nick to take a vacation to the beach and morgan’s wonderland. {as one can imagine, with all the medical expenses and general costs of raising 4 kids, it’s difficult to come up with extra funds to take trips for fun}. you can go here to purchase a wristband. 

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we love you sweet Nick and are praying for God’s healing over you. may you know how deep, and high and wide His love is for you.

 ~ much love,

auntie amy, uncle chris and cousin m 


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