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friday favorite things | finding joy

another friday here in colorado. and another chance to reflect over this past week. 
here are a few moments {mostly of little M} that i was able to capture…

we were trying to break little M in to his bike helmet by letting him wear it around the house… this pic was captured only moments before major meltdown. {can you tell?} we haven’t been able to get him to wear the helmet since. :-/

IMG 0510


the white wolf and little M.  they were in time out.  self-inflicted time out really… for some reason little M just loves to crawl in the kennel with his dog. they were in there for 15 whole minutes or something like that.  i was able to get so much accomplished while they were in there! 

IMG 0542


we’ve had our share of the elements here in Breck over the past 2 weeks almost… 
lots of rain and just today, a torrential downpour of hail. it looked like it had snowed. yikes.

IMG 0564


little M was quite intrigued by this cold, white stuff that was on the back deck… he was insistent about putting his feet in it.  {i just love those little toes peeking out!}

IMG 0567


IMG 0570


and since we walk by the little river {runs by main street of Breck} almost daily… little M is obsessed with having a least one opportunity to stick his hands in the water. he just loves it! 

IMG 0517

IMG 0522

IMG 0562



and i even had some time to start another book… 

a great read for any momma – full of encouragement, wisdom, challenge and vision for fulfilling and living out the most important calling we’ve been entrusted with.
definitely a good reminder for me that unless i’m intentional with my role as little M’s mommy, developing a vision and seeing the broad scope of possibilities that God has for this precious time we have together… it could so easily slip away as it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the routine activities and demands of cleaning up messes, changing diapers, bath time, nap time wars… you get the idea.

i don’t want to have any regrets. 

IMG 0578







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  1. I just want to let you know how beautiful your blog is i enjoy reading it you put alot of heart in this i can tell. It is like a book to me. Everyday something new keep up the good work it is very nice.

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