Water, sharks & other adventures

we decided to take a little 2-day trip down to denver/ estes park.  partly in purpose to pick up auntie bec from the airport and partly to spend a little time with some good friends again.  

{he passed out in the first 20 min of the trip}

IMG 0584

and if any of you have ever been caught in the I-70 traffic on a sunday going from the mountains to denver, then you will know that we made every effort to avoid this delay and so consequently {having left breckenridge earlier in the morning} had lots of time to spare {auntie bec’s flight was scheduled to arrive at 9:20p.m.}.  

first, we drove all around the downtown denver area in search for a chick-fil-a… since we don’t have one of those in manhattan or breckenridge and since we we were having that kind of a craving. sadly, after driving 8-some miles out of our way, we realized upon driving into their parking lot, that it was a SUNDAY…. yea, we forgot, they’re closed on sundays.  boo. {not to say that i don’t appreciate their conviction for being closed on sundays, but just bad timing}. wished we had remembered that 8 miles earlier. 

Chick fil A exterior md

oh well.  we ended up eating at a red robbin restaurant which was less than satisfying, but it did the job. 

next, we headed to the downtown denver aquarium.  

we thought since little M has a love for water and fish, that this would
be a great place for him to explore… 

and, it just happened to be the same weekend that they had a special exhibit about sharks!

{the shark does look kinda creepy in the flash of the camera… }

IMG 0589


DSC 8957

{little M actually surprised us a bit when he was freaked out about the big fish that
swam up next to the glass… }

DSC 8961

{cool little bubble thing that tiny kiddos could climb to from underneath and look up into the aquarium}

DSC 8972

DSC 8977

{he has an obsession with stairs… loves to climb them}

DSC 8984

{more sharks…}

DSC 9004

DSC 9011

unfortunately, the trip to the aquarium only took us a whopping hour or so… which meant that we still had 4 hours to kill.  thankfully, my resourceful husband remembered that we had a free night {soon to expire} to use at a marriott.  getting a hotel for a night was a life-saver.  

so, we went for a swim in the indoor swimming pool {actually, little M preferred the hot tub… kinda weird}, ate some dinner, and watched a bit of the olympics.  yay, daddy saved the day!!! i would’ve been a wreck if we had to drive around or wait at the airport for 4 hours! 

IMG 0594

the next morning, after auntie bec had arrived, little M wanted to show her his newly acquired phone skills {and yes, we remembered to unplug the phone :-)}… so funny! 


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2 Responses to Water, sharks & other adventures

  1. Shannon Hoskinson says:

    Have you considered the Omaha Zoo yet? He would LOVE it!!! The aquarium there is amazing and so are many other parts of that zoo! We are hoping to make Omaha an annual event for our family:)

    • Amy says:

      Yes, we’ve been wanting to go since we have an annual membership to the Manhattan zoo and I think that gives us half off the admission to the one in Omaha. I’ve heard lots of great things about it, so we’ll def be planning a trip there sometime in the near future. =)

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