A week with auntie B!

yesterday, we went back to denver to drop auntie bec off at the airport.  we had such a fun week
with her. so glad she could get away for a week and spend it with us! 

here’s some of the highlights from the past week…

{already wore her out after the first day… or maybe it’s because of the late night and early morning :-)}

IMG 0602

little M really wanted auntie bec to experience the “guhn-dula”… one of his favorites here in breck

IMG 0607



IMG 0617

reading time… 

IMG 0633

auntie bec was very sweet to hang out with little M so chris and I could venture out on our own for a bit. 

we haven’t been on a bike ride together {just the 2 of us} for
over 2 years… almost a 50 mile ride that day!

IMG 0605

and we took a few trips… the first was a day hike up the mohawk lakes trail.
{abbey was just relieved that she got to go too.}

IMG 0626

a beautiful hike!… gorgeous views, and not too strenuous…

except for maybe the 30 minutes that little M decided to scream and wail as we went back down the mountain crying  “go back up, go back up…” {i’m sure all of you parents with toddlers can relate to the inevitable breakdown after telling your child “no, i’m sorry, you can’t have that” or “no, we have to go now”. i think we were quite successful in making the entire mountainside aware of our presence. :-/ }

DSC 9014

abbey was just happy she could go for a few dog laps…

DSC 9016

… while we cheered her on and ate our lunch. 

DSC 9025

the next day we went on a bike ride through the glenwood springs canyon…
{little M’s second official bike ride}

IMG 0635

it was a fun time, but the views were not as exciting as we anticipated.
better to drive through the canyon than bike it. 😉

IMG 0637

the next day we decided to go the non-physically exerting route and drive to leadville to check out their local fish hatchery {second oldest one in the nation} and sample a few chocolate chip cookies.

DSC 9062

DSC 9067

feeding the fish… 

DSC 9079

DSC 9050

we also enjoyed some local chipmunk-watching too {see little chipmunk at the bottom of pic} !!

DSC 9103

sampling a yummy chocolate chip cookie…

DSC 9121

downtown leadville was celebrating their annual “boom days.” and we thought quite a coincidence to be there at that time since little M has been in to “booming” things with his buddy C-man lately. 

DSC 9153

our last day with auntie bec included a visit to a little petting zoo and a train ride!

DSC 9167

little M loved the goats!!

DSC 9163

DSC 9173

DSC 9175

DSC 9184

DSC 9198

little M loved spending time with his dear auntie bec… thanks for such a great time this past week!
we miss you already and look forward to seeing you again very soon! 

DSC 9214


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