Redeemed Friday

today is friday and in the spirit of highlighting the favorites from this past week {or two}, i thought i’d start it off by sharing my friday morning with you… 

so, we have this checklist… {see here}
and this morning, we thought it would be a great idea to check another thing off the list and eat donuts for breakfast!

now, if you know me at all, then you’d know i’m not a terribly huge fan of donuts {especially for breakfast}. but it sounded like a fun thing to do… and once in a very long while, is not going to kill me, right?! 

so, we headed out… chris, little M and myself down to main street to check out a couple donut shops. it started out ok, but after waiting in line at 2 different shops {one of which we were in the hot morning sun} and little M deciding he wasn’t in the mood to wait anymore… it was starting to not be such a fun idea.  there really was no good place to sit and eat inside the shop, so we decided to walk until we found a bench or picnic table somewhere nearby. 

we ended up walking about 3 blocks, but after a block and half or so, carrying 30+ lbs of whining, irritable toddler {while starting to perspire}, and my nerves in a frenzy, i had a mommy fail moment and snapped at little M with an exasperated and frustrated tone.  for the next block and a half i tried to maintain some form of composure while feeling angry… with little M and with myself and if i was really honest, i was starting to feel His Spirit nudge me. what’s really the issue?  did little M really do anything wrong? or am i just frustrated because i’m being inconvenienced? hmmm… convicting. 

in a few more moments we stumbled upon a bench near a stream of water. and truly only by God’s grace, he took a really bad morning and redeemed it. 

and we ended up having one of the best times yet while here in breckenridge.

so, after eating our donuts… 


and since little M is always looking to throw objects in to water…


our little family of 3 sat together on the bank of the stream,
little M throwing in rocks, and chris and i taking in the moment, listening to the water roaring by
and just enjoying being together 


  so… today, i’m thankful for the redeemed moments in life and some of the favorite moments too ~ 


 ~ experiencing the mountains together

DSC 9032

 ~ love this little boy… 

DSC 9074

~ one of little M’s favorite to do’s — smelling flowers. 

DSC 9138

~ putting our hands in the cool mountain water… 

DSC 9195

~ and having my sweet sis visiting here with us for a week 

DSC 9175

~ linking up with rachel over at finding joy… 

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