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i read this really well said blog post this morning about being a mother. really good reminders, really simple, really beautiful.


and, since i was finding myself to be rather discontented this morning and grumbling… you know, things like my house is too small, i have no storage, my toddler is whining at a bad time right now {because i’m sure he picks just the right moment to really thin my patience!}, and my husband who is always seeming to want to sneak in a kiss or hug {for those who know me… i’m not a very touchy feely type of person} when i have things to do!!

…i thought it would be good to take this gal’s suggestion and for just 2 minutes write down everything that i could think of to be grateful for.  so, here’s my 2 minute list of gratitudes:

  1. to hold my sleeping boy in my arms
  2. coffee
  3. sunny days
  4. the chance to look in the rearview mirror and see God’s weavings in my life
  5. 2nd chances
  6. a house to call our own
  7. music
  8. nap times
  9. the Word
  10. a man to call my own who loves me, flaws and all
  11. laughter & tears
  12. the chance to see His beautiful creation over and over in the last 6 weeks

ok, so i didn’t do so swell… but, i’m sure the more i practice this, the better i’ll get at it. and it’s the being grateful part that counts, right?

happy monday to each of you! hope you take a moment today too to stop and SEE God’s gifts in your life. it always helps to change my perspective. every time.

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