To Embrace

today i’m linking up with this gal and “embracing the camera”!

precious idea really… to capture images of cherished times and moments with your child(ren).  and because i want my little M boy to be able to look back and see the moments for himself… to remember. and let’s face it… most of us women {or maybe it’s just me} don’t really like to get in front of that camera.  but, i will for him. so that he’ll remember the fun we had, the laughter, the daily interactions. 

so, a few we took together a couple months ago…

DSC 8786


IMG 0623


DSC 9590

and a few more taken recently {good ole’ self-taken shots}… 


IMG 0792


IMG 0806


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2 Responses to To Embrace

  1. becs says:

    what a great mama :) love and miss you guys!

    • Amy says:

      love you too sweet Becs! By the way, thank you so much for that sweet thank you card you sent our way. M misses his auntie!! We need to have a skype date soon! Much love to you. xoxo

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