A Double Birthday

 2 days after we returned from being in colorado for a month or so, we got on an airplane and flew to 
reno, nv where much of my dad’s side of the family calls home.  it really was like a big family reunion, but we were truly gathering to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.  

2012 08 19 17 51 40

 it was such a great time!  a chance to see family members we hadn’t seen for 15 some years.
and time to
 reminisce and celebrate grandma’s life and all that she means to us.  

{sweet cousin lauren & little M}

2012 08 19 17 23 51

{grandma on center stage as we prepare to sing “happy birthday” to her}

2012 08 19 17 25 08

DSC 9287

DSC 9291

DSC 9294

{my brother peter with sweet auntie sharon}

DSC 9299

{the 3 peters… peter verhey, peter douglas taylor and peter benjamin taylor. all first cousins}

DSC 9301

DSC 9323

DSC 9329

{little M and 2nd cousin hudson enjoying some freedom on the treadmill… or should i say, 
the dad’s had resigned and were just happy that they could entertain themselves quietly for a few moments} 

DSC 9344

DSC 9347

{all 5 of grandma’s children; my dad in the middle}

2012 08 19 21 50 01

{never a dull moment when these guys get together!}

2012 08 19 21 53 48

{grandma with her children}

2012 08 19 21 56 43

{grandma, her 5 children & their spouses… a very rare picture moment indeed, as there’s no telling
when we’ll all be together like this again!} 

2012 08 19 22 02 01

{and grandma with some of her grandchildren…some how my Mr. and i missed the memo
that we were taking family pics, so we were absent :-( }

2012 08 19 22 04 47

{and my beautiful sis janelle with grandma}

2012 08 19 22 05 55

and of course… we can’t call it a “double” birthday, without another celebration!  just a few days
after grandma’s big day, we celebrated little M’s 2nd birthday!!  

since we weren’t at home, but instead in the mountains and near a lake… we decided to make the most of it!

DSC 9365

DSC 9350

DSC 9385

and of course, it wouldn’t be a birthday without some sort of cake! so, we decided a cupcake
for little M would be so fun. 

initially, we were going to buy a few cupcakes while in reno before heading to lake tahoe, but then
figured there were plenty of tourist-y like shops by the lake… surely some place sold cupcakes.

but, for some reason we couldn’t find any bakeries that sold cupcakes. and the ones that did, were closed! who knew?!  

so we searched… and searched… and drove… and drove… and after several phone calls,
3 or 4 stops and a drive almost all the way around the lake {50 + miles}
we finally found the perfect little bakery.

DSC 9357

and we let little M pick his favorite one out… chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and a gummy worm on top. :-)  
and of course, they all looked so yummy, we each decided to pick one out too {my Mr., myself and auntie janelle} 

DSC 9389

it was actually the perfect place for a toddler to eat a cupcake… on the beach, in his swimming suit, and
an endless supply of water nearby. :-) 

DSC 9396

and his preferred way to eat a cupcake… hands-free. don’t ask me why. he just would not
get his hands dirty.

DSC 9402

{face first method works better… you should try it, makes it so much more memorable}

DSC 9405

DSC 9409

DSC 9419

{eventually, i had to hold his little “plate” for him so that he could actually take a bite}

DSC 9443

{that’s the best smile we could get out of him… i don’t know, maybe it was too much sugar}

DSC 9470

but… he absolutely loved the water!  even if it was freeezzzzing! no joke. i wouldn’t even get in
past my ankles.  but not this kid.  he was bravin’ it.

DSC 9498

DSC 9524

DSC 9526

DSC 9549

DSC 9478

all in all, i think little M would say he had a great time… what toddler 2 year old could ask 
for more, really?  a day on the beach, in the sun, the sand, the crazy cold water, and a
chocolate cupcake.
happy 2nd birthday my sweet little M boy!  

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