Another Friday Favorites

here’s a few little tidbits of what i have found to be grateful for this past week…

for lazy afternoons of hanging out with this little guy, playing play dough and watching him come up
with all sorts of interesting objects and “animals.” 

IMG 0771


and messy lunchtimes with this toddler… who would want to miss out?!

IMG 0813


for good books like this one that portray great examples of what it really means to call yourself “a follower of Christ”



for the rain that has brought cool weather to our area… 



and for my sweet little M who just loves helping his momma water the flower and plants… 


 linking up with rachel over at finding joy

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2 Responses to Another Friday Favorites

  1. MammaT says:

    What great things to be thankful for! Time flies by so quickly and these moments will be gone…but then, of course, there will be new things to be thankful for. I love that you are setting yourself up for a pattern of thankfulness for a lifetime. It is a great example for us all. How fun it will be for little M to be able to look back at his life that is so blessed by a momma like you.

  2. hannahm says:

    loved the pics….and last week’s birthday celebration! he’s the sweetest!!

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