Closet Organization!

i’ve been meaning to write a post for a few weeks now about our little closet under the stairs. you see, i consider my self to be fairly organized… in most areas of my life.  but my closets… uh, not so much.

and our itty bitty home has very few storage places.  of course, one of them happens to be this closet under the stairs that shares its space with our water heater.  as if it wasn’t already small enough. oh well.

so, this is what it looked like before…

IMG 0794

IMG 0795





formerly, this closet was kind of a catch-all for coats, dog stuff, electric extension cords, hats, gloves, plastic bags, vacuum, and a ton of little odds and ends.  a mess really.

something had to be done to make this closet more functional for our needs. so i hired my Mr. {actually, i had just told him some of my ideas and without any prompting or me asking, he voluntarily sacrificed much time and energy to make this project actually come to fruition}. i couldn’t have done it without him!!  thank you to my dearest! 

i first began by completely emptying the closet of all its contents.  then, i started sorting items based on 3 categories:  keep, throw away, or give away.   i threw a bunch of things away and probably gave away even more.  and that entire drawer i had designated to plastic bags, turned into this… 


{idea and image from pinterest} 

my next task was to find some baskets and boxes that would look nice, but provide some good organization. i found some great deals at michaels and joann’s fabric store. and while i was away shopping, my Mr. went and got all the supplies and began building a 5-cubby shelf for the closet that would be about a foot deep and couple feet in width {about half the width of the entire closet}.   he also bought some wood paneling to create a divider between the storage part of our closet and the water heater {since it was previously open}. 

then, it was a matter of painting the closet walls and the shelf {using leftover paint we had in our garage}.  mr Mr. installed the shelf and shortened the length of the coat rack {to half of what it had previously been}. 

and now i just needed to figure out how i wanted to organize everything.  as it turns out, i decided to turn it into part coat closet and part pantry.  and it’s really worked out beautifully! 

here is the closet after all our renovations… 

IMG 0820


IMG 0821

i still have to label the boxes and baskets, but it has become so much more functional now.  there are about 3 shelves designated to pantry items and cooks books, a shelf for dog stuff and then a basket at the bottom that holds all our hats, gloves and scarves.  and there’s some room too to store all those shoes that were piling up by the garage entry way. i think it might actually be one of the most organized “rooms” in our house now. 

and wouldn’t you know it?!  after re-organizing and putting all my pantry items in this closet, it opened up a TON of cabinet space in my kitchen!  i feel like i gained twice as much storage.  

now… on to the other closets in the house. 

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  1. Jenna says:

    awesome job amy! I love the dog biscuits in the glass jar… makes it look so pretty!

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