A little bit of a sour Saturday

at about 5:45 this morning, we heard some wailing from the other bedroom across the hall. my Mr was so kind and let me stay in bed while he went to check on little M. as it turned out, little M was not be consoled and i was soon out of bed too.  we quickly figured out that something was quite wrong as he didn’t want to be touched or moved and he was particularly sensitive to his right shoulder area. to make a long story short… we had our first trip to the er with little M. :-(

IMG 0153

IMG 0156

we arrived about 6:30 with a little boy in a lot of pain and by about 8:00am he seemed to be doing a bit better with some pain meds in his system and a little sling to give him support for his broken collar bone {and a movie on the phone}. 

IMG 0159

you might be wondering how in the world he suffered a broken collar bone in the wee morning hours?  

the culprit…

DSC 0143

little M graduated out of his crib into a big boy bed!  but, here’s the funny thing…we decided to put him in a big boy bed because we thought it would be safer than him jumping out of his crib all the time. what are the chances that he would break his collar bone on his very first night in the big boy bed!?! i guess that’s just how it goes sometimes.  so, we’ll probably be watching a lot of movies over the next few weeks since little M is supposed to stay fairly immobile.  of course, i would gladly welcome any advice or ideas on how to keep a 2 year old occupied throughout the day with other activities besides movie watching. 

hoping you all are having a great weekend… and that it’s not quite as eventful as ours. 😉


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4 Responses to A little bit of a sour Saturday

  1. Oh Amy so sorry to hear our little man is in pain and had this happend to him…. I remember from my daughter we i transfered her from crib to big bed i was putting down blankets and pillows in case she falls out the big bed it made a big differents for the little ones not getting hurt…Hugs and Kisses to little M. and hope he is feeling better soon!

  2. Kenna McFall says:

    Spencer broke his collar bone when he was 3. You know we kept his arm in a sling but he did fine. I don’t remember feeling like we had to keep him still. Maybe being just a bit older helped. His culprit was his brother, the now football player. Ha!

  3. Vanessa Mae says:

    I can’t help you out on how to keep a moven-grooven boy still, but I thought that maybe a side bed rail would help your little man get adjusted to the bed. They keep you from falling out, but you can still crawl out like a normal bed. Just an idea :)
    I see them at yardsales a lot for cheap. We have had good luck with one.


    • Amy says:

      yes, we were planning on getting a bed rail, but figured that 1 night in the bed without one would be fairly uneventful. oh well. a sweet family actually gave us their bed rail to use and it’s worked out great. i don’t think we’ll be trying out the big boy bed for some time without one! :) thanks for the link!

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