Mr. & Mrs.

i mentioned a few weeks ago that a more detailed post on my little sister’s beautiful wedding day would be 
coming.  so, without further ado –  

here’s an engagement pic taken of the cute couple… 

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the day was full of preparations and chaos and the usual taylor family lateness… but, amazingly, we all
finally arrived for the celebration to begin. 

little M, along with his cousins ben & nick were asked to be ring bearers for the big day. and their attire for the evening included a snazzy little bow tie with suspenders.  i could just eat him up! 

DSC 0252


DSC 0262

i wish i had some pics of the actual ceremony, but atlas… i do not.  so, you’ll have to settle for pics captured during the reception, which is really the most fun anyways, right?!!

the handsome couple during their first dance… 

IMG 0903

the bride with her maid-of-honor and sweet sister bec {who came all the way from nevada for the big day} –  

DSC 0339

and of course we needed a pic for the memory book of the beautiful bride with little M boy –

DSC 0343

maybe i’ve mentioned before that i come from a large family?  which also consequently means, that little M
has a plethora of aunties and uncles… 7 and 4 to be exact.  :)

enjoying a good joke with uncle pete…

DSC 0368

on the dance floor with auntie julie {aka jula}.

DSC 0360

the father of the bride with his daughter… 

DSC 0404

a sweet pic of my grandparents who were honorably mentioned as the longest married couple attending the wedding that evening {57 years!!!}.  i hope my Mr. and i have a story that lasts that long too! 

DSC 0429

daddy with his little man making goofy faces – 

IMG 0904

 and lastly little M boy enjoying his moments of freedom… 

DSC 0333

before we strapped him to a chair {he looks like he’s having fun, doesn’t he?!!}

DSC 0296

by the end of the night, little M was so exhausted from all the fun, that he fell asleep in my arms just as the really loud, thumping,  dance party music was beginning…  and so, my Mr. and I thought we should call it a night too. :)

DSC 0437


congratulations to the bride & groom… mr. and mrs. tyler mccommons!  so, so happy for you two.  and little M is glad that now he can officially call tyler – “uncle tyler.” :)


oh, and as a quick side note, i thought i’d share a little diy project i decided to take on in honor of jan’s wedding.

a cluster pearl necklace…

IMG 0865

i certainly would not consider myself one who likes to craft together jewelry of any sort, but when i couldn’t find a necklace that seemed to work well with the dress i was wearing for the wedding, i decided to make my own.  i used this tutorial here, which i considered to be fairly helpful.  i had to make a few adjustments, but other than that, i think i’m pleased with the results. {note: if you decide you’d like to give a go at it yourself, i will forewarn you that your hands will be a bit sore the next day… lots of little metal pieces to twist}.  

as fun as it was to make my own piece of jewelry with the colors i wanted, i probably won’t be making a 
habit of stranding together glass pearls on a regular basis.  :)




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2 Responses to Mr. & Mrs.

  1. rebecca says:

    what a sweet post, aems! i don’t even remember that photo of janelle and i being taken–too many photos perhaps? 😉
    also, that photo of mason man strapped to the chair makes me melt! it is picture perfect. and your necklace was super cute you crafty gal!
    can’t wait to see you for Christmas so very soon…

    • Amy says:

      oh thanks sweet Bec! Looking forward to seeing you very soon as well and having lots more fun Christmas memories to write about :) xoxoxo

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