wreaths, garlands, lights… action!

well, it’s that time of year again when i pull out all those boxes of christmas ornaments, lights, trees, wreaths and any other decorations that have been a tradition from year to year.  

i really do think this is the most favorite time of the year for me.  now, if only we could have some snow… wishful thinking i guess. 

here are some snapshots of the festive greenery and such around our home this year…

IMG 0913


IMG 0911

my mom has always hung garlands around her home each year for christmas. and so, i guess you could say that she’s influenced a bit of my decorating style as well.  i just love garlands with white lights. 

IMG 0912


our fireplace… {with an empty stocking spot for a little one coming in may}  :)

IMG 0907

our child-proof fontanini nativity set. little M boy loves to take baby Jesus and carry him around the house. no telling where i might the little figurine tomorrow… 

IMG 0909

our advent calendar that i made last christmas. 

IMG 0916

and a little german christmas pyramid.  we always had one while growing up and when i got married, i 
inherited one from mom.  love that we can carry on some of those fun traditions with our family now.  

IMG 0908

and of course, what would christmas be without the christmas tree?!!

IMG 0932


just in the last few days, we’ve enjoyed the crackling of a warm fire in our fireplace.  we’ve only had about 2 whole days where the weather is cold enough to justify a fire, but i’m taking advantage of every moment… especially since our fireplace was not used even once last winter!  

IMG 0920

and it’s been fun to watch little M boy as he takes in all these little wonders of christmas… from the fire in the fireplace, to the shiny ornaments hanging on the tree, and the lights spread all around, to the the little snow globe/ music box i have sitting on a table.  his eyes light up and a sweet smile spreads over his face with joy and excitement.  

it’s a good reminder for me to stop and embrace all the sweet little treasures of each day.  to be grateful for each gift the Lord has given.  and not just to be grateful, but to be delighted… just as my little 2 year is while listening to the that music box and watching the figurines go round and round.  


on another note… if you’re on facebook, then you’ve already seen this little Christmas announcement/ greeting.  but, in case you haven’t seen this video yet, i thought i’d post it for your enjoyment! 



 may you all have a very blessed and grace-filled Christmas season this year!  

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  1. Jenna says:

    so pretty amy! Missing all you manhattan-ites during this season!

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