Christmas recaps {1 of 2}

well, i had every intention of blogging a bit more in the month of december, but alas, i didn’t.  and since there were so many highlights over the last month… i’ll break things up into a couple posts.  

here are a few of my favorites from the christmas season…

we celebrated advent each day of the season… , okay, it was more like every other day, but we tried.  we dimmed the lights and lit the candles and read out of little M boy’s Jesus storybook Bible.  initially, we had started a family devotional called “a Jesus advent celebration” by ann voskamp & nancy ridden.  it’s really great, but a little beyond the interest and attention-span of my 2-year old.  so, when i stumbled upon this blog post that just happened to be using the little Bible that we read to him every night at bedtime, i was thrilled.  just right for little M’s age really. 



and so, we would gather around the table after dinner and listen as daddy read stories about God’s plan of redemption and how Jesus would come to our world… 

IMG 0930

i so cherished these times.  not only because it was a chance to be together as a family, praying that the truths of His love story for us would be penetrate my little one’s heart, but also because it gave me a chance to be still for a few moments too.  a chance to reflect on my own heart before the lord.  

my other favorite from the season, was decorating gingerbread cookies with my Mr.  can you believe in the 9.5 years that we’ve been married, we’ve never decorated christmas cookies together?!!  it really was such a fun bit of time to connect while drawing faces and scribbly white lines on gingerbread people.  i think we’re going to make it a tradition. :)

IMG 0968

little M boy had his fun too in helping make my all-time favorite christmas cookie… snicker doodles. 

IMG 0896

he did pretty good, i must admit.  even if he did take a few licks from his hand of the sugar and cinnamon that he was supposed to be rolling cookie dough in. 😉 

IMG 0899

and we made a few more christmas cookies too. to share with our neighbors and friends… 

IMG 0969

and on an unrelated holiday note… we finally took the plunge.  yep, i know, i really loved those curls on his head too. but believe me, after we had a little trimming, i realized just how crazy his hair had become. 

check it out…  at the barber shop waiting for his turn in the chair. 

IMG 0938

i was half-way contemplating cutting his hair myself, but i’m so thankful that we took him to roger… the same guy that’s been cutting my Mr.’s hair since his college days. 

{daddy had to hold little M boy since the barber chair was a bit too much to take in this time… }

IMG 0948

IMG 0947

IMG 0951

little M did great.  and roger… well, let’s just say that he was finished with the task in about 8 minutes. { no need to even bother telling you that it would have taken me about 5 times as long ….not to mention the hot mess of tears from a toddler and this mommy that we managed to avoid too}.  

mission accomplished. 

IMG 0963

he may have temporarily lost a few curls.  but roger assured us that after a few days time, his curly mess would be back.  and he was right!  so glad my little M boy still has those curly locks. :)

{p.s. — roger told me that if i wanted some practice before taking a turn at cutting little M boy’s hair, i should go stand in front of a blowing fan with a pair of scissors and a balloon. haha.  i don’t think this was his attempt to keep us as customers, but nonetheless, i didn’t need more convincing. i think we’ll be seeing roger again in the future}. 



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