a few little highlights

i always find january and february to be a little blah-like… cloudy, cold weather, stuck indoors, and if you live in kansas… cold AND no snow. depressing really.  

anyways, we’ve managed to find little happy moments throughout our days.

for me, that means sneaking in a few more naps which i’m always grateful for. and for little M boy, he spends much time with his tool box, hammer and wrench.  pounding away on whatever hard surface he can find.  and me, feeling like a tape recorder, reminding him that he may only hammer on his tool box or his wooden blocks.  

little boys and hammers… i guess i should just accept the fact that many of my possessions will have dents or not make the cut altogether.  it’s the making of memories though, right?!!  

IMG 0348

daddy and little M boy have been frequently collaborating to perfect their tower-building strategies… 

IMG 0412

and if you know my little guy, we have definitely spent a few hours outside too… even in freezing, wind-chilling weather. 

so, in the 2 whole times that it has snowed here where we live… we’ve had to capitalize on our chances to use the new sled little M received for Christmas. 

DSC 0841

IMG 0383

little M’s buddy C-man and his dad joined in on the sledding fun too… 

IMG 0385

and i just had to show a few shots of him getting all bundled up. don’t you just love those fat cheeks?!!

IMG 0976

IMG 0978

and we’ve eaten our fair share of donuts… 

IMG 0459

IMG 0422

and more donuts…  {i think he likes the blue ones the best!}

IMG 0438

IMG 0464


last, but not least of course, i thought it only appropriate to share a few sneak peeks of our little gal.  

we had a 3-D sonogram last week and it was pretty fun to see her!  i must say that for me, seeing these images makes a bit more real as it’s still been quite a shock to think that we’re even pregnant. 


she seems to enjoy being scrunched up in a little ball… with both her hands and feet up by her head. 

AMY 19

AMY 25

amazing how technology is able to give us such detail before she’s even born!  and it was comforting to know that she indeed has 10 fingers and 10 toes! :)

AMY 34

just about 12 weeks left and we will no longer be a family of 3!

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2 Responses to a few little highlights

  1. Kyle&Casey Te says:

    Ahhhh!!! I love the photos Amy!! I in fact do love Masons cheeks , especially as he is getting geared up for the snow! It makes you just want to reach into the computer screen and scrunch them! It is exciting to see “pictures” of baby girl Barker! Getting excited about her arrival, only wish we could be there to meet her. Miss you guys!

    • Amy says:

      We miss you guys too! And yes, we wish you were here. Hope you all are getting settled. Loved seeing the pics from Thailand… I’ve heard alot of great things from others about your time there. Keep in touch!!

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