It’s May!

sorry to have been a bit absent from the blogging world for the past few months. my goal is to have a few more regular postings… for at least the next few days. :)

hard to believe it’s already may!  granted for us, the beginning of may has been much anticipated as it marks the arrival of baby # 2… may 6th to be exact.  which was of course, 4 days ago. 

it seems that little miss e has decided that a due date holds no significance and she will come when she feels like it.  so we wait.  hard as the waiting can be, we also trust the Lord and know that her little life has been completely in His timing all along and continues to be.  we rest in those truths… or at least we’re attempting to. 

in the mean time, i’m accomplishing lots of little projects here and there… i suppose it’s the whole nesting thing, right?! 

thought you might like to take a little peak at what we’ve been up to {by the way, it’s taken several months to accomplish these things… so, please don’t get the false impression that i pulled all this off in a matter of weeks}.

first off, i finally got around to hanging these wood picture blocks which i absolutely LOVE!  i’ve been told that they’re fairly easy to make, but i’m just not that ambitious.  so… i ordered them from here {in case you’re interested} .  such a unique rustic look!  

DSC 0907

next, is the kiddos room…

i mentioned in this post {yea, it’s from september… see my point about it taking several months…} that there were some other closets to be tackled in the organizing category.  so, my Mr., who is most gracious in attempting to meet all my requests in addition to his hectic schedule, built a couple shelving units. 

here is the before pic of little M’s closet… 

IMG 0240

and this is the finished kiddos closet {they’ll be sharing a room} with labels and all!!

DSC 0923

i particularly love how these clothes labels turned out for little M’s cubby boxes.  i just found some clip art online, mounted them to some scrapbooking paper, and then laminated for extra protection.  so far they’ve worked like a charm for little M in learning how to take out and put away his own clothes and shoes. 

DSC 0922

i’ve also been working on redoing the theme in their room {something for his side and something for her side}.  little M boy’s room had previously been… well, very baby boyish.  i loved it and it was great for a time, but he’s not really a little baby anymore. :(  so, i needed to come up with a theme for his side that could grow with him for more than 2 years. ideally, until he’s 18… just kidding. i know that’s probably not realistic. but i can hope. 

so, between airplanes, trains and cars, little M decided he liked trains the best.   and this is what we came up with… 

DSC 0934

i think i found all the prints on etsy… one is a sketch of a large steam engine and the other is the real-life photograph of the same steam engine.  my Mr. helped me choose the prints and he was quite proud to have found an actual photograph of the sketched print. i think it’s pretty cool too. and the other is a map of all the railroads in the u.s.

DSC 0932

DSC 0931

lastly was the theme for little miss e’s side of the room.  i decided i wanted to go with something not quite so “babyish,” but rather something that would grow with her as well.   

i went with a collage of shabby chic style paper framed by white vintage frames.  they turned out nicely.  and as an alternative to glass inside the frames, i used some very thin acrylic material.  

DSC 0912

also, for a sort of mobile above the crib, i thought it would be fun to have some pom-poms hanging from the ceiling.  so i followed this diy tutorial here.  

of course she has pink plaid bedding {little M boy has blue plaid bedding}. overall, the room is fairly simple. and though the themes don’t correlate in any way, it still seems to work.   i’m pleased with how it all turned out.  

DSC 0914

and i must admit, it’s been fun to have some “extra” time to put together all the baby stuff before little miss e arrives.  quite a different experience from the last time we brought a baby home. 😉

oh… and here’s a random pic of little M and i at easter.  so fun to have a little easter egg hunt with him this year as he was old enough to play along! {such a funny kid, though… the candy didn’t really tempt him at all, but instead he was so tickled by how many plastic easter eggs he could find}.

DSC 0871

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