A Windy Afternoon…

we had some family pics taken the beginning of april.  jodie from jg designs & photography snapped some shots of us around campus.  

the weather was fairly cooperative considering that it had snowed the week prior and any given day could be freezing or raining.  so we settled for a bit on the windy side. 

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it’s been almost a year and half since we had some family shots taken.  little M boy has grown up so much!  sniff, sniff.  it’s bittersweet.  i’ve loved each stage he’s been at, but sometimes i wish i could just freeze time and keep him from growing up any more. 

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while jodie did a great job capturing so many still shots, we weren’t so sure how they were going to turn out at the end of the photo session.  we quickly learned that trying to get a  2 1/2 year old {while being outside} to take a few pics is way exhausting.  

the little guy just could not sit still and there were so many distractions…  it was seriously like trying to capture a wayward balloon on a windy day! 

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and he was loving every moment of it!!

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of course we only received all the nicely edited pics… but i would’ve loved to have seen the other candid shots that were captured. :) 

this one in particular, i believe both of us had to hold little M boy down and try and tickle him to get him to smile. 

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they still look so much alike, don’t they?!!  such a fun thing. 

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of course, another motivation for taking some family pics at this point was to capture the miracle of pregnancy for us.  i think i’m about 36 weeks along in these photos.  

little M couldn’t be more precious in giving a little “kiss” to his baby sister. 

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i just LOVE some of these sweet moments captured of my little M boy! 

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hope you enjoyed the pics.  thanks to jodie for capturing these moments for us. 

and a very happy mother’s day to all the amazing mom’s out there! 




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2 Responses to A Windy Afternoon…

  1. Mama T says:

    I just love these pictures! What great photographs that captured the love and the essence of a beautiful family!
    Happy Mother’s Day, precious Amy!
    It won’t be long before you are holding precious Emma in your arms!
    Our love and prayers are with all of you!

  2. Donna Ross says:

    Just love love love the pics you guys. Mason looks so cute I am so looking forward to meeting little Miss Emma, Mason is going to be a wonderful big brother. See you guys soon. Love, Donna

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