a little break

well, i’m back… i know you didn’t think i would ever return, and honestly i had my doubts too.  but sometimes, life just necessitates a break.  can’t promise i’ll be regularly posting or even that the next post won’t be 3 months from now, but at least i’m here. 

i’ve felt guilty for not blogging. i’m not really sure why… i mean, i’m just sure the many thousands of blog followers [cough, cough… or rather, all 12 of you] have been hanging by a thread just waiting to hear about the latest fiascos of little M. :)  actually, i think i have these high expectations on myself… that somehow i should have it altogether. you know, snap back to it after giving birth and instantly have it all figured out in how to care for my husband, 2 children, a dog… and find some time to blog too.   i don’t.  have it all figured out, that is. but, i do have a good reason for being absent.  

maybe you’d like to see some pictures of her… :)


little emma grace came into the world just 2 days after my last blog post.  born may 13, weighing 7 lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long.  a week past her due date, but all on her own… no induction, no c-section.  another precious miracle in our lives.  healthy, 10 fingers, 10 toes and quite the set of lungs. :) 

DSC 0940

obviously much has changed in our lives over the past 5 months {hard to believe that much time has actually gone by}. and there is much to write about the transition to 2 littles, so more to come on that in later posts. 

for now though, i’ll just give you a glimpse of how much baby E has changed in the last 5 months.  my, how they grow fast! 

we took monkey pictures with little M each month of the first year of his life.  so, naturally, we decided to do the same with baby E. 

{1 month}

DSC 1162

{3 months}

DSC 1714

{4 months}

DSC 2001

{5 months} i promise… i really didn’t plan for the baby and monkey to be matching.  it just worked out that way. 

DSC 2176

and here’s a few more…   

DSC 1438

DSC 1688

DSC 1993

DSC 2186

she’s a pretty fun little gal.  a thumb sucker – the first in the family. but i’m not complaining since that also means she’s sleeping through the night. :)  we’re really loving to see all the ways that she is growing and changing.  and of course little M boy and her are becoming more attached each day.  fun to see them interacting with each other. 

{little M showing baby E how to build a house… }

IMG 0060


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5 Responses to a little break

  1. Iris Williams says:

    I am just so proud of you Amy and Chris to have such a great Family. Emma has grown so much and it seems little Mason shows her the ropes how to build things. This almost make me want to cry. Your Family is just so perfect. I know it is hard every day to take care of 2 little ones but it will get easier down the road. And Amy you are such a good Mother for the little ones, and not forget our Abigail she is a big part of all of this too. She is such a trooper. She is a good girl I will always love her!

  2. I have been waiting for you. I know it is busy for you. It is hard to keep up a blog with 2 little ones. I enjoy it so much when you do write about the everyday events. And I know Mason is getting more active every day more. He got so much energy. And Abby is tagging along with him. There are such good friends. And Abby always waits for me on the fence to give her 1 treat. She knows the time. I love all of you guys. You make my day every day. And Amy hang in there it is hard right know, but as they grow it will get easier.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks Iris for your kind words! We sure love having you as a neighbor… and I know Abby does too! She doesn’t miss a beat as she is always out there waiting each night for you to come over. You are always so thoughtful and generous to us. Thanks for being such a great friend and neighbor!

  3. Donna Ross says:

    Amy, I loved the blog Emma is growing so fast she is such a little cutie I am sure Mason loves showing her stuff this way I get to keep up with them even when I am not there loved all the pics looks like you guys are doing great hope to see you soon tell Emma and Mason grandma loves them …………… Love, Donna

  4. Robynn says:

    Amy…you never have to feel like you have to have it all together….no one does. We’re all just getting by, by God’s great grace. And He really is enough….

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