Summer recaps

since it’s been so long in updating this blog with pictures, i thought i’d give you some recaps of our summer {warning: picture overload coming right up}.  my littles, though still little, seem to be growing so fast.  here are some of our highlights over the past several months…

a few moments captured from easter … {i just love that little grin on baby E and M boy’s smile is as always, contagious}

D71 1037

all the grandkids with mema and grandpa

D71 0945

we tried to get a shot of these 2 nuggets smiling at the same time, but this was the best turnout…

D71 0912

our little girly girl turned 1! 

D71 1070

D71 1085

D71 1160

D71 1231

our sweet littles with their monkeys… 

D71 1168

gotta love those 2 teefers poking out! 

D71 1102

hangin’ with uncle tyler at the river market 

D71 1197

uncle pete was able to get us some tickets to science city and little M boy particularly thought there were many cool things to explore.  baby E on the other hand, was a bit suspicious. 

D71 1206

D71 1218

D71 1224

they certainly know how to have heaps of fun with an old cardboard box on a rainy day… 

D71 1826

weddings and friends and cupcakes!!

IMG 0719

and of course, the animals at the county fair were a sure highlight!

D71 2038

baby E and the dress-eating goat…  {i think it startled me more than it did E}

D71 2047


D71 2050  Version 2

there were actually only 2 requests of little M boy when visiting the county fair. 1) to go on a fair ride, and 2) to eat a piece of cherry pie. so we did both. i mean, how could you say no to this?!!…

D71 2066

D71 2074

then, a few weeks later, our little M boy turned 4!

a birthday surprise! a fully equipped thomas the train set that mommy found on craiglist was waiting for him in the morning… 

D71 2387

a birthday donut

IMG 0763

and a night at splash park.  he was SOOO looking forward to seeing all his friends. 

D71 2409

boys will be boys! chasing each other and throwing buckets of water… 

D71 2428

D71 2455

while baby E toddled around drinking milk and eating cake

D71 2415

a few more late summer highlights… 

baby E was less than thrilled about the boat ride {and the life jacket}.  poor baby. 

IMG 1078

little M boy on the other hand, LOVED the tube ride. he kept giving the driver a thumbs up to tell him to go faster! 

10534457 10152322405631630 5588419616436734561 n

first k-state football game with daddy!!

IMG 1148

IMG 1152

baby E and Abbey

IMG 0771

well, that’s a wrap folks.

no fancy vacations or trips to the mountains for us this year, but we still had many timeless memories that we’ll be sure to cherish for many years to come. 










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  1. Becs says:

    loved looking through all these pics Aems…you’ve got some darn cute kiddies!
    love and miss you guys already, don’t let them get too much bigger before christmas 😉

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