Telling Stories

it’s so easy to get lost in the daily’s of my life right now. to forget who i am and then, to not really be present.  often, the day starts before i even mean for it to and before i   Read More »

A Windy Afternoon…


we had some family pics taken the beginning of april.  jodie from jg designs & photography snapped some shots of us around campus.   the weather was fairly cooperative considering that it had snowed the week prior and any given day could   Read More »

Christmas recaps {2 of 2}


the actual festivities of christmas and family gatherings began with us hosting chris’s side of the family first. it was a fun, and possibly overly stimulating time for one little toddler boy… and maybe all the rest of us too.    Read More »

Christmas recaps {1 of 2}


well, i had every intention of blogging a bit more in the month of december, but alas, i didn’t.  and since there were so many highlights over the last month… i’ll break things up into a couple posts.   here are   Read More »

wreaths, garlands, lights… action!


well, it’s that time of year again when i pull out all those boxes of christmas ornaments, lights, trees, wreaths and any other decorations that have been a tradition from year to year.   i really do think this is the   Read More »