Summer recaps


since it’s been so long in updating this blog with pictures, i thought i’d give you some recaps of our summer {warning: picture overload coming right up}.  my littles, though still little, seem to be growing so fast.  here are some   Read More »

winter happenings…

Emma and Abbey

we’ve been feeling a bit cooped up this winter. but that hasn’t stopped us from having a good time! so, i thought i’d share some of the moments… {yes, i know… please just pretend you don’t see the fully exposed   Read More »

Mr. & Mrs.


i mentioned a few weeks ago that a more detailed post on my little sister’s beautiful wedding day would be coming.  so, without further ado –   here’s an engagement pic taken of the cute couple…  the day was full of   Read More »

A few of my favorites on this day


today especially, i’m so grateful for this sweet little M boy who entered our lives over 2 years ago now.  yes, it’s true… without him i’d have more sleep, less stress, less anger management issues, and probably a countless number   Read More »

A little bit of a sour Saturday


at about 5:45 this morning, we heard some wailing from the other bedroom across the hall. my Mr was so kind and let me stay in bed while he went to check on little M. as it turned out, little M was   Read More »