My Story

Barker family 75 
i grew up near a suburb of kansas city.  i come from a large
family… the oldest of 10 to be exact.  it was pretty crazy
most of the time — it still is, but we love it
and cherish the times when we can 
all be together. 
chris and I have been married for almost 9 years and up until
a couple years ago, we weren’t sure if children would
be a part of God’s plan for our lives.  
yes, there were some dark, cloudy days along the
road in those earlier years.
trying desperately to see Him and then consciously deciding where
our struggles would lead us. 
{you can read more about that journey here…}
and, then, one summer afternoon, we got a phone call.
our lives were forever changed 
as we became parents to the most precious
baby boy in a matter of 3 hours!!  
we wouldn’t have it any other way… 
though we thought that God would give us children 
the old traditional way, He had something else in mind
that was far beyond anything we 
could’ve possibly imagined. 
Little M has truly mesmerized our hearts. 
he is the essence of joy
and when he smiles or calls me “mommy”
or says “i wuv yu,”
nothing can bring me more fulfillment then
each day spent with him. 
that God in His grace, would actually gift me with the
privilege of being mommy
to this fat-cheeked, curly blonde headed boy, 
brings tears to my eyes every time. 
now, more than any other time in my life,
do i desire to be intentional with my time
and my gifts,
to treasure, cherish and 
savor each
precious moment
 {both the good and the bad}.  

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