wreaths, garlands, lights… action!

well, it’s that time of year again when i pull out all those boxes of christmas ornaments, lights, trees, wreaths and any other decorations that have been a tradition from year to year.  

i really do think this is the most favorite time of the year for me.  now, if only we could have some snow… wishful thinking i guess. 

here are some snapshots of the festive greenery and such around our home this year…

IMG 0913


IMG 0911

my mom has always hung garlands around her home each year for christmas. and so, i guess you could say that she’s influenced a bit of my decorating style as well.  i just love garlands with white lights. 

IMG 0912


our fireplace… {with an empty stocking spot for a little one coming in may}  :)

IMG 0907

our child-proof fontanini nativity set. little M boy loves to take baby Jesus and carry him around the house. no telling where i might the little figurine tomorrow… 

IMG 0909

our advent calendar that i made last christmas. 

IMG 0916

and a little german christmas pyramid.  we always had one while growing up and when i got married, i 
inherited one from mom.  love that we can carry on some of those fun traditions with our family now.  

IMG 0908

and of course, what would christmas be without the christmas tree?!!

IMG 0932


just in the last few days, we’ve enjoyed the crackling of a warm fire in our fireplace.  we’ve only had about 2 whole days where the weather is cold enough to justify a fire, but i’m taking advantage of every moment… especially since our fireplace was not used even once last winter!  

IMG 0920

and it’s been fun to watch little M boy as he takes in all these little wonders of christmas… from the fire in the fireplace, to the shiny ornaments hanging on the tree, and the lights spread all around, to the the little snow globe/ music box i have sitting on a table.  his eyes light up and a sweet smile spreads over his face with joy and excitement.  

it’s a good reminder for me to stop and embrace all the sweet little treasures of each day.  to be grateful for each gift the Lord has given.  and not just to be grateful, but to be delighted… just as my little 2 year is while listening to the that music box and watching the figurines go round and round.  


on another note… if you’re on facebook, then you’ve already seen this little Christmas announcement/ greeting.  but, in case you haven’t seen this video yet, i thought i’d post it for your enjoyment! 



 may you all have a very blessed and grace-filled Christmas season this year!  

Mr. & Mrs.

i mentioned a few weeks ago that a more detailed post on my little sister’s beautiful wedding day would be 
coming.  so, without further ado –  

here’s an engagement pic taken of the cute couple… 

429299 1921600558369 1429884202 n

the day was full of preparations and chaos and the usual taylor family lateness… but, amazingly, we all
finally arrived for the celebration to begin. 

little M, along with his cousins ben & nick were asked to be ring bearers for the big day. and their attire for the evening included a snazzy little bow tie with suspenders.  i could just eat him up! 

DSC 0252


DSC 0262

i wish i had some pics of the actual ceremony, but atlas… i do not.  so, you’ll have to settle for pics captured during the reception, which is really the most fun anyways, right?!!

the handsome couple during their first dance… 

IMG 0903

the bride with her maid-of-honor and sweet sister bec {who came all the way from nevada for the big day} –  

DSC 0339

and of course we needed a pic for the memory book of the beautiful bride with little M boy –

DSC 0343

maybe i’ve mentioned before that i come from a large family?  which also consequently means, that little M
has a plethora of aunties and uncles… 7 and 4 to be exact.  :)

enjoying a good joke with uncle pete…

DSC 0368

on the dance floor with auntie julie {aka jula}.

DSC 0360

the father of the bride with his daughter… 

DSC 0404

a sweet pic of my grandparents who were honorably mentioned as the longest married couple attending the wedding that evening {57 years!!!}.  i hope my Mr. and i have a story that lasts that long too! 

DSC 0429

daddy with his little man making goofy faces – 

IMG 0904

 and lastly little M boy enjoying his moments of freedom… 

DSC 0333

before we strapped him to a chair {he looks like he’s having fun, doesn’t he?!!}

DSC 0296

by the end of the night, little M was so exhausted from all the fun, that he fell asleep in my arms just as the really loud, thumping,  dance party music was beginning…  and so, my Mr. and I thought we should call it a night too. :)

DSC 0437


congratulations to the bride & groom… mr. and mrs. tyler mccommons!  so, so happy for you two.  and little M is glad that now he can officially call tyler – “uncle tyler.” :)


oh, and as a quick side note, i thought i’d share a little diy project i decided to take on in honor of jan’s wedding.

a cluster pearl necklace…

IMG 0865

i certainly would not consider myself one who likes to craft together jewelry of any sort, but when i couldn’t find a necklace that seemed to work well with the dress i was wearing for the wedding, i decided to make my own.  i used this tutorial here, which i considered to be fairly helpful.  i had to make a few adjustments, but other than that, i think i’m pleased with the results. {note: if you decide you’d like to give a go at it yourself, i will forewarn you that your hands will be a bit sore the next day… lots of little metal pieces to twist}.  

as fun as it was to make my own piece of jewelry with the colors i wanted, i probably won’t be making a 
habit of stranding together glass pearls on a regular basis.  :)




miscellany moments

just some randomness from the past week… 

we pulled the big green coat out along with a hat & mittens. little M just loves the outdoors… even if it is freeeeezing out.  

IMG 0848

it pays off to have a broken collar bone. 😉  grandma & grandpa R sent little M a couple packages in the mail full of lots of fun activities to do while attempting to give that little arm a rest. 

IMG 0872

and he tried out his water painting skills for the very first time…

IMG 0874

 we also enjoyed a warm cup of hot choo-coo-late {a first for little M too!}

IMG 0857

it’s actually a very tasty recipe… with no refined sugar.  probably the best hot chocolate we’ve had yet! 

IMG 0858

the recipe came from my staple blog {100 days of real food} and i adapted the recipe just a bit for what i had on hand in the kitchen… 

Hot Chocolate 

1 1/4 cups hot milk {1 or 2% works just fine}
1/4 – 1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp hershey’s dark cocoa
1 tsp honey

Directions ~ 

  1. Mix together the honey, spice, cacao or cocoa, and vanilla
  2. Add hot milk (and espresso if desired)
  3. Top with whipped cream and a dash of pumpkin spice or cinnamon
  4. Serve immediately

the verdict from little M… “it tastes good daddy!” 


oh, and we just returned from a long weekend in kc celebrating the wedding of my sweet sis janelle to her now husband, tyler!
more to come on that in another post soon… but for now, a few sneak peeks…

little M and his 2 cousins were the ring bearers for the wedding as they got to sport these cute suspenders
and bow tie!  

DSC 0252

daddy and little M boy having some good laughs and goofing off during the reception… 

DSC 0323

mommy and little M boy… 

DSC 0261

and a sweet pic of little M with the beautiful bride! 

DSC 0343

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A few of my favorites on this day

today especially, i’m so grateful for this sweet little M boy who entered our lives over 2 years ago now. 

yes, it’s true… without him i’d have more sleep, less stress, less anger management issues, and probably a countless number of minutes in the day to spend on myself and other petty things. 

but then, i would never have any moments like these pics have captures over the past few weeks…

fun times with the tractor in the backyard… 

IMG 0044

enjoying a little orange leaf… 

IMG 0096

he sure loves this dog… and for the dog’s sake, it’s a good thing she’s so cherished
{or i might’ve booted her out of the house a long time ago} 

IMG 0093

and riding bob the builder at wal-mart

IMG 0143


i’m just so, so grateful that i get to be a mommy to this little man. he is a cherished gift from God that has been entrusted to chris and i. my prayer is that i would remember these truths daily… particularly during the mundane, simple, and frustrating moments of motherhood.  

a friend of mine shared this quote on facebook and it spoke to my heart deeply, so i thought i’d share it with you too… 

It is easy to think you have a heart for orphans on the other side of the world, but if you spend your time at home resenting the imposition your children are on you, you do not. You cannot have a heart for the gospel and a fussiness about your life at the same time. You will never make any difference there if you cannot be at peace here. You cannot have a heart for missions, but not for the people around you. A true love of the gospel overflows and overpowers. It will be in everything you do, however drab, however simple, however repetitive.” {by rachel jankovic, motherhood as a mission field}


She’s here!

she finally arrived!… that is, 2 weeks ago today. {i’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now,
but haven’t had the chance}.   little elsa joy who has been a much prayed for and longed for baby, was born
the evening of oct 20th to our dear friends allyn & em.

she is so precious! and might i say, there is a striking resemblance to her older brother clark! 


chris and i were able to meet elsa in the hospital the very next morning. and what a joy it was to celebrate
with a&e the safe & healthy delivery of this little gal. such a darling little family! 

319057 10152201808405716 2066315536 n

IMG 0098

a few days later, we stopped by for a visit to see how the little family of 4 was adjusting.  and little M got his
chance to meet sweet elsa for the first time.

DSC 0140

i think he was quite taken with her… for about 5 seconds.  and then it was time to check out clark’s toys again. 

DSC 0138

we are just so thrilled that little elsa is here and mommy and baby are healthy and doing well.  and even 
more so, we are so grateful to Jesus for His creation of new life and for His hand of protection uponem during her pregnancy and birth.  God is so good!! looking forward to watching this little gal grow.
and clark… 
he’s already such a great big brother!