i’m a wife, mommy and Jesus follower.

i’m a runner {casual}, coffee addict and chocolate hoarder. i like the simple,
clean and organized. 
i love, love, love, the community of believers that we do life with. 
sometimes i like to read and think deep thoughts… mostly in 
those brief moments when i’m not sleep deprived or dangling
from the last string of sanity
because my oh, so sweet toddler has decided to 
empty the dog’s water for the 17th time. 
i’m a lover of natural beauty and if i could pick anywhere in the world
to be, the mountains would be it.
i feel as though they capture God’s mystery, wonder, mercy and grandeur
unlike any other place in His creation. 
i’m completely captivated by God’s unending love for me, and hope
that the daily happenings of my life
will be a reflection of Him and His grace.
i want to 
really SEE God in both the simple moments and the tangled complexities 
of really living, really being. 
 i desperately desire to live in the here and now, to embrace
with JOY all that this life has to offer… in
all its sweet and sour moments.  
i hope that you, as a reader, whether family or friend, close or distant, will find these random meanderings about our lives {from funny, to sad, to encouraging, to ridiculous} to be worth your while…
and please, please… don’t be afraid to leave a comment or clever remark.  

4 Responses to About

  1. Jenna says:

    i love your blog Amy! So happy you decided to start one :) Or looks like you’ve had it a while, but I’m glad you posted it on facebook so now Calder and I can keep up with you guys from a state away :) hope you are enjoying Breck and hope to see ya at least once more before you leave!

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I’ve been working on it for a bit, but thought it needed a bit of good content before I went live with it. We are enjoying Breck quite a bit… and we would love to see you guys again before we head back to Kansas! Let us know what your schedule looks like. :-)

  2. Donna Ross says:

    Amy, I so enjoyed reading your blog I love seeing all the wonderful things you guys are doing and watching little Mr. M as he grows I feel like I am not missing out on so much of your lives by keeping up this way. Thanks so much !

    • Amy says:

      Glad you are enjoying it and can keep up with us a bit more this way! Hopefully we’ll make it down south sometime soon. It’s a fun way for me to record things so that one day M can look back on all the different moments in his life.

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