Summer recaps


since it’s been so long in updating this blog with pictures, i thought i’d give you some recaps of our summer {warning: picture overload coming right up}.  my littles, though still little, seem to be growing so fast.  here are some   Read More »

Telling Stories

it’s so easy to get lost in the daily’s of my life right now. to forget who i am and then, to not really be present.  often, the day starts before i even mean for it to and before i   Read More »

a little break


well, i’m back… i know you didn’t think i would ever return, and honestly i had my doubts too.  but sometimes, life just necessitates a break.  can’t promise i’ll be regularly posting or even that the next post won’t be   Read More »

It’s May!


sorry to have been a bit absent from the blogging world for the past few months. my goal is to have a few more regular postings… for at least the next few days. hard to believe it’s already may!  granted   Read More »

A week with auntie B!


yesterday, we went back to denver to drop auntie bec off at the airport.  we had such a fun week with her. so glad she could get away for a week and spend it with us!  here’s some of the   Read More »