it’s been a long time

i know.  you don’t have to remind me.  i haven’t written anything on this blog for close to a year.  for lots of reasons.  obvious logistics… you know, the wife hat, the mother to 2 hat, the house caretaker hat,   Read More »

Telling Stories

it’s so easy to get lost in the daily’s of my life right now. to forget who i am and then, to not really be present.  often, the day starts before i even mean for it to and before i   Read More »

A little bit of a sour Saturday


at about 5:45 this morning, we heard some wailing from the other bedroom across the hall. my Mr was so kind and let me stay in bed while he went to check on little M. as it turned out, little M was   Read More »

To Embrace

today i’m linking up with this gal and “embracing the camera”! precious idea really… to capture images of cherished times and moments with your child(ren).  and because i want my little M boy to be able to look back and   Read More »

2 minutes

  i read this really well said blog post this morning about being a mother. really good reminders, really simple, really beautiful. and, since i was finding myself to be rather discontented this morning and grumbling… you know, things like   Read More »